These podcasts were recorded before the introduction of the 2022-2026 Study Design, and students and teachers should take this into consideration when listening. The podcasts are still full of great study and revision tips, writing advice and analysis of historical events.

Welcome to the HistoryEDge: Top Tips for VCE History Students podcast series. Below you will find each episode of the series available to download as well as links to any supplementary material provided by our teacher guests.

Whilst each episode delves into particular subject areas, all contain tips and advice applicable for all VCE History students and we highly recommend exploring the series in its entirety.

Isabella Webster (Loreto Mandeville Hall)

Description: Join our host Lauren Trotter as she sits down with Isabella Webster for our initial episode. Highlights include must-listen advice on the importance of narrative in history study, tips for effective study and maintaining your interest in the subject and crucial advice on managing your stress and overall well-being for success in VCE History – and beyond.

Specific Subject Content: Ancient History (Egypt & Rome)

Lindsay Brunsdon (Genazzano FCJ College)

Description: Lindsay Brunsdon looks at effective and practical exam and revision strategies, the importance of establishing ‘connections’ in your historical knowledge and constructive wider reading for Ancient History.

Specific Subject Content: Ancient History (Greece & Rome)

Supplementary Material: Selected Reading – Ancient History (.DOCX)

Paul Neef (Haileybury College)

Description: Paul Neef goes in-depth and shares his insight into tackling your history exams including approaching source analysis and essays, the common pit-falls students can fall into even as strong students, as well as the common traits of successful VCE History students.

Specific Subject Content: Revolutions (Russia and China)

Chris Hart (Yarra Valley Grammar)

Description: Chris Hart provides a broad range of tips and strategies including how to handle the content-heavy side of VCE History with effective note-taking and revision, the importance of ‘guiding the reader’ and not getting lost in the narrative, writing strategies and not being afraid of moving beyond ‘TEEL’ and more.

Specific Subject Content: Revolutions (France and Russia)

Jess Chamoff (Kilvington Grammar School)

Description: Jess Chamoff looks at some of the specifics of exam success and effectively using the study design with ‘chunking’, making the most out of practice exams and material as well as useful advice for some of the particulars in Australian History.

Specific Subject Content: Australian History

Raquel Fenby (Suzanne Cory High School)

Description: Raquel Fenby discusses wider reading in VCE Revolutions, organising your information (including a valuable table method), and some invaluable content knowledge tips for those studying the American and Russian Revolutions.

Specific Subject Content: Revolutions (America & Russia)

The History EDge: Top Tips for VCE History Students podcast series was supported by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

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