HistoryEDge: How To Do Great Historical Inquiry Projects

Welcome to the History EDge: How to do Great Historical Inquiry Projects video series.

Below you will find each episode of the series available to view. Please feel free to bookmark this page for future access.

EPISODE 1 – What is an historical inquiry project?

This video introduces the concept and process of developing an historical inquiry project. It highlights the exciting possibilities of passion led research and emphasises the potential to do original research.

Featuring historians Dr Deb Hull and Alicia Cerreto

EPISODE 2 – Developing an inquiry question

This video takes students through the stages of crafting the perfect inquiry question. It asks them to consider the size, scope and feasibility of their inquiry and then helps them construct a detailed and nuanced research question.

Featuring historian Dr Deb Hull

The HistoryEDge – How to do Great Historical Inquiry Projects video series was supported by the Victorian Government.

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