EPISODE 1 – What is an historical inquiry project?

This video introduces the concept and process of developing an historical inquiry project. It highlights the exciting possibilities of passion led research and emphasises the potential to do original research.

Featuring historians Dr Deb Hull and Alicia Cerreto

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EPISODE 2 – Developing an inquiry question

This video takes you through the stages of crafting the perfect inquiry question. It helps you consider the size, scope and feasibility of your inquiry and then helps you construct a detailed and nuanced research question.

Featuring historian Dr Deb Hull

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EPISODE 3 – How to begin your research

Get your inquiry project off to a great start with useful advice on how to find the information you need to answer your inquiry question.

Featuring PhD researcher and history teacher Bronwyn Cook

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EPISODE 4 How to take effective notes

This video presents a range of note-taking styles and examines why recording information correctly is such an important part of the research process when undertaking an historical inquiry project.

Featuring researchers and history teachers Lauren Trotter and Alexis Watson

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EPISODE 5 – How to be an effective internet researcher

Discover the dos and don’ts of internet searches while researching an historical inquiry project. This video introduces the characteristics of both reliable and unreliable web resources and how to best refine your search terms while conducting online research.

Featuring researcher and history teacher Ben Lawless

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EPISODE 6 – Referencing

Confused about how to record, save and organise your references while undertaking your inquiry research? This video provides a detailed guide on how to choose a referencing style, find digital tools to help you, and ensure you are being consistent during the citation process.

Featuring history teacher and librarian Miriam Meehan

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EPISODE 7 – How to think critically about historical perspective

Discover why you need to take historical perspectives into consideration when researching your inquiry question and evaluating your resources. Take a rigorous look at why no historical sources can ever be taken completely at face value.

Featuring historian and history teacher Dr Rosalie Triolo

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EPISODE 8 – Finding and using different kinds of historical evidence

Find out how different kinds of historical evidence can be used to enhance your inquiry project. Discover the nuances of both primary and secondary sources and why each plays such a vital role when you are undertaking intensive historical research.

Featuring PhD researcher and history teacher Ann Guns

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EPISODE 9 – Accessing and using digital archives

How has the digitisation of primary sources changed the nature of researching an inquiry question? Find out how to access archives from cultural institutions all around Australia without leaving your desk.

Featuring historian Dr David Waldron

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EPISODE 10 – How to conduct an oral history interview

Oral history interviews are a great way to create an original source of information for your inquiry project. Watch this video to discover the most effective methods of conducting an interview, and the research etiquette associated with the process.

Featuring historian Lucy Bracey

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EPISODE 11 – Using historical objects and artefacts

Add a whole new layer of depth to your inquiry project by learning to read historical artefacts. How can objects from the past be used to inspire, enrich, corroborate, and challenge your research?

Featuring historian Dr. Jo Clyne

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EPISODE 12 – Methods of presenting and sharing your work 

Creative and original presentation is something that historians can use to draw more attention to their research. This video will provide you with some inspiring ideas while helping you to find the right medium to share your work.

Featuring primary teacher and education consultant Maree Whiteley

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